Saturday, December 11, 2010

GG Friends

I am so glad that I have made some good GG Friends it is important for me that I have GGs as friends you know it is hard to explain how one feels when they are TG the body says one thing when the Spirit Soul and heart says another, But when your befriended by a GG it validates you as a woman and it makes you feel like you fit in because as in the present body you don't fit in. In 50 years of life I have really never fit in as a (Man) the things that "normal"men do and like just have not appealed to me like fishing, hunting . doing the fantasy foot ball thing those things just have never made since to me , but give me a craft club with women and I am right at home or a day out shopping and a night out with the girls and I as happy as can be .I would like to make more friends who are GGs because I think only women can understand women and if your a GG then your more understanding and caring.

An Update on Alicia

As I write this I hope that I make this clear I do believe I am bi gendered there is a side of me that screams WOMAN and there is a part of me that wants to still be daddy and husband that say man as you will notice that I wrote woman in a bigger font because the woman side of me is more predominate it is what I think about more it is what I am more comfortable with I feel more like a woman than I do a man and I think more like a woman the woman in me is so confined ,so restrained so from now on I am not going to let that part of me be held back I may be looked down on by my family I may even be shunned by them and my (so called Friends) but as one of my cousins said it is more important to not live a lie than it is to live a lie and not be your self so if my family sees me in passing I will not turn and run if my so called friends see me in passing I will not turn and run but I will face them face to face and say you are you and I am me and this is what I am so live with it and I am at the point of coming out to my pastor and there is a part of me that is not looking forward to that or that day but I know that day is coming soon I know its been a while since I last made a post so I thought I would let you know where I am in my journey and the journey is long and hard but I am Woman enough for it.