Saturday, October 15, 2011

My first E Mail sent As Alicia Neal to my Family

I was reading a Blog by Chloe Prince and the title caught my Eye and the Title read “Getting Caught Was Just Easier” so I was was reading the part that said this

One night, someone sent me one of those JOKE chain email letters to "Ted's" email account. Now, I normally do not send or forward these things out, but, this one joke in particular was something I thought I would share with the rest of my family members ONLY. So I copied and pasted the part of the joke into a new email and selected all the people I wanted it to go to, and hit "Send". Only one problem... I forgot that "MS Outlook" had "Chloe's" email set as the default account.
Everyone of my family members just got their first email from "Chloe Prince"

Well after giving it some thought and seeing that I left my self wide open to all and any attacks from any and all of them I wrote the following email to them 

My first email to you all as Alicia Neal this is your first E mail from me as Alicia Nicole Neal I for so long have hid behind all kinds of faces and I have lived through many phases in my life and I longed for the freedom to be the real me I will post in this e mail the facts that I want to set forth this statement that rather you accept me as I am or not I will always love you and blood is thicker than water some of you have confided in me the things going on in your life and I can say I held the things I have heard I have held in confidences and I did so without Judgment I have seen many of you do Things I never approved of but I kept those things to myself and I did that because of one thing Granny Dot said to me that love covers all wrongs and love never see the wrong done to you and I have always held her as my real hero. Second let me say this I have real reason to believe I was born with Klinfelters disease I have all the Markers of that disease I have feet that are formed Just like girls feet and I have small rather feminine hands and I also have had something called gynomastia also known as man boobs and I have a perfect A cup and that is just 3 of the main markers of that disease and the disease has also effected the way I have thought through my life I have seen 4 therapist in my life and I was also diagnosed with GID by 3 of them one of these was back when I was only 13 years old and His name was Dr Anderson and the last was Jackie McLemore she also said I had all the markers of someone with GID (Gender Identity Disorder) I have at one attempted suicide and that was never shared with a lot of you and the attempt was to rid myself of this problem and after the attempt was made I was taken immediately to the pastoral Institute and was put under their care there on an outpatient care and I found that one of the most difficult times in my 51 years of life but I was put in a place that let me face the main issue of my life as it had dogged me all of my life and I have had this in the forefront of my mind since I was 5 or 6 years old I have felt as if I was watching someone else’s life and not my own and this is the best way I can describe it is when you see the space shuttle on the launch pad you see the space shuttle now if you put a mirror in front of the cockpit the people inside see themselves and not the space shuttle well that is how I have seen my life when you have seen Chuck I would look in the mirror and see Alicia now for most of you this sounds like the craziest thing you have ever heard, some of you will say I have been deluded by Satan and I have heard all the theological arguments pro and con I have even said some of the things you might be saying about me about others behind their backs under my breath all the while I was trying to hide the real me behind religion because of the fear of being rejected well the time for me has come to no longer fear rejection but to embrace it as a tool in my life well that’s just about it oh yes the only reason I am retaining the chuckneal2011 accounts is only for legal reasons and I will be sending all other e mails through the account you received this from . I also have a blog if you want to follow it here is the link http://alicianicolew​ like I said I have nothing more to hide.

Alicia N Neal

I love you all

Well needless to say I have to this time only received 2 e mails back from all of them I sent so now I sit and wait for the other shoe to drop.

Love Alicia N Neal

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